Programming Highlights - September 2013


Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition 
ABBy's ultimate dance competition
Season Premiere: 9/3/13 (TENTATIVE)
Airs: Tuesdays, 9-10pm ET/PT; 8-9pm CT on Lifetime 
Season Finale: 11/19/13 (TENTATIVE)
Number of Episodes: 12

The search continues for the next great child dancer. These talented contestants perform because they love it, and their mothers will do anything to see them win. The stakes are high, with a title, a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School and a big cash prize on the line. All they have to do is impress judges Abby Lee Miller and her team of dance industry mega-stars.

Series Premiere: 9/8/13
Airs: Sundays, 8-9pm ET/PT; 7-8pm CT on Food Network 
Season Finale: 10/13/13
Number of Episodes: 6

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, are teaming up again for a brand-new cooking competition. This time, they are challenging the most impressive, determined, and down right adorable contestants ever, kids! They'll mentor and guide along the way as these young chefs prove to themselves, and America, that you don't need a driver's license to be an amazing cook.

Premiere: 9/20/13
Airs: Friday, 8-10pm ET/PT; 7-9pm CT on Hallmark Channel 

The film, which is an adaptation of Christopher Paul Curtis' 1996 Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Honor Award winning book The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963, follows an all American family on their road trip from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 and their historic summer experiences give them a newfound courage to stand up for what is right and helps them grow stronger as a family in the process.

Premiere: September 2013 (TBA)
Airs: Sundays on Nicktoons & NFL Network 
Season Finale: TBA
Number of Episodes: 20

In season three, Ishmael (Ish), and his hero friends, the "Guardians," develop enhanced powers to protect the NFL and the world from new and familiar villains. The Guardians are aided by NFL coaches and players who voice their animated personas, including San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, Chicago Bears running back Matt Forté, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Series Premiere: September 2013 (TBA)
Airs: TBA on The Weather Channel 
Season Finale: TBA
Number of Episodes: 12

Big hail, high winds, and extreme lightning shows are nothing compared to the real “Strangest Weather on Earth” – from raining frogs to volcano smoke rings, instant ice storms to huge sandstorms – this series presents fascinating explorations as to what causes each one. Each episode will feature several examples of weird, wacky and extreme weather such as airborne fish, saucer clouds, and a wave made of rock.

DIYers (Men 35-54)

Season Premiere: 9/3/13
Airs: Tuesday-Thursday, 10-11pm ET/PT; 9-10pm CT each night on BBC America 
Season Finale: 9/6/13
Number of Episodes: 4

John Luther, the near-genius detective struggling to cope with his own demons, is back under intense pressure - with two conflicting crimes to investigate and a ruthless ex-cop determined to bring him down. Luther's life is his job; that is until love crosses his path and offers him a chance of happiness.

Series Premiere: 9/11/13
Airs: Wednesdays, 10-11pm ET/PT; 9-10pm CT on Food Network 
Season Finale: 10/16/13 (TENTATIVE)
Number of Episodes: 6 (TENTATIVE)

Every day more than $25 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers – and food businesses top the list. In order to prevent this, stores hire security experts like Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble. Funny and fearless, cunning and comic, they can steal a store blind … all in the service of showing the owner where the security flaws are.  Ultimately, they are making food businesses stronger, one heist at a time.

Season Premiere: 9/11/13
Airs: Wednesdays, 10-11pm ET; 9-10pm CT; 7-8pm PT on NBC Sports Network 
Season Finale: 8/25/13
Number of Episodes: 6

In this six-episode series, Jonathan and Drew each mentor a team of six home improvement experts. Each week, the contestants, who are skilled home renovators and decorators, compete in various challenges to find out if they've succeeded in upping the real estate value of the property. Along the way, Drew and Jonathan coach each contestant, but only one will be recognized as the most promising home improvement expert and win the $50,000 grand prize.

Series Premiere: 9/3/13
Airs: Tuesdays, 10-11pm ET/PT; 9-10pm CT on TNT 
Season Finale: 10/22/13
Number of Episodes: 8

TNT's new unscripted procedural drama follows two top-notch female investigators as they dig into small town murder cases that have lingered for years without answers or closure. Kelly Siegler, a Texas prosecutor for 21 years who has successfully tried 68 murder cases, and Yolanda McClary, a crime scene investigator who worked more than 7,000 cases in her 26 years in the Las Vegas Police Department, are putting their vast knowledge and experience to work helping local law-enforcement officers and families of violent-crime victims get to the truth.

Household CFOs (Women 25-54 with Kids)

Tamra's OC Wedding
Series Premiere: 9/2/13
Airs: Mondays, 8-9pm ET/PT; 7-8pm CT on Bravo 
Season Finale: 9/16/13
Number of Episodes: 3

Fans of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" have watched Tamra find true love and joy with Eddie, and will now have a front row seat at their California coast nuptials for three consecutive Mondays. The couple, who got engaged last year in beautiful Bora Bora, will let viewers in on all of the festivities leading up to the big day. With only a few weeks to go, the pressure is on to pull off this fairy tale wedding, as Tamra balances running her own business, dealing with both sides of the family, and maintaining the peace amongst her boisterous fellow Housewives.

Series Premiere: 9/17/13
Airs: Tuesdays, 9-10pm ET/PT; 8-9pm CT on Bravo 
Series Finale: 10/1/13 (TENTATIVE)
Number of Episodes: 3 (TENTATIVE)

"I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding" proves that the second time around is a charm as the new docu-series features the nuptials of former spouses NeNe and Gregg Leakes. Fans have gotten up close and personal with the couple during The Real Housewives of Atlanta, watching their happy marriage, devastating divorce, and romantic reconnection. The stars align as the Leakes are ready to tie the knot once again in an extravagant wedding fit for a larger-than-life personality like NeNe.

Series Premiere: 9/13/13
Airs: Fridays, 10:30-11pm ET; 9:30-10pm CT; 7:30-8pm PT on Cooking Channel 
Season Finale: 10/18/13
Number of Episodes: 6

Host Eden Grinshpan meets America's greatest and funniest online foodies and takes a ride to their favorite and most delicious hangouts and haunts. Each episode, Eden visits 3 different cities and hooks up with the funniest bloggers, youtubers and tweeters and begs them to take her to their favorite place in the city for a fun-filled, downright tasty time. At each location Eden will meet the chef, chow down and find out what makes this joint the best in town to her new best blogger friend.

Season Premiere: 9/1/13
Airs: Sundays, 9-10pm ET/PT; 8-9pm CT on Investigation Discovery 
Series Finale: 11/10/13
Number of Episodes: 11

Crime investigation, as any homicide detective will testify, is all about speed. Time lost is time wasted, and every minute counts in ID's new original newsmagazine "Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall.” The series goes beyond the headlines to explore not only what happened, but why it happened, and how it was investigated. Anchoring the series as host is NBC's Tamron Hall, a long-time network journalist with a vested interest in the criminal justice system. Hall knows first-hand the effects of violent crime, as her older sister was a homicide victim in a case that is still officially unsolved.

Girlfriends on the Go (Women 18-49)

The New Atlanta  
Series Premiere: 9/17/13
Airs: Tuesdays, 10-11pm ET/PT; 9-10pm CT on Bravo 
Season Finale: 11/5/13 (TENTATIVE)
Number of Episodes: 8 (TENTATIVE)

“The New Atlanta” follows the next generation of the city’s trailblazing young professionals who are hungry to achieve their dreams and find love as they struggle to resolve heartbreaks from the past. Aggressive in both their professional and personal lives, each hopes to make their mark in the cutthroat industries of fashion, music, event planning and business while taking advantage of Atlanta’s hot social scene.

Season Premiere: 9/6/13
Airs: Fridays, 9-10pm ET/PT; 8-9pm CT on CMT 
Season Finale: 10/25/13
Number of Episodes: 8

Summer heats up as America's hottest cheerleaders return for the eighth season of "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team." Each season, the Lone Star State's most iconic group of women take on more challenging dance routines and face incredibly talented candidates while navigating all the drama that comes with competition; with more action-packed episodes, heart-tugging storylines, challenges and surprises, this season will be no different.

Premiere: Sunday, 9/22/13 on E! 
Countdown: 5-6pm ET; 4-5pm CT; 2-3pm PT
Live From the Red Carpet: 6-8pm ET; 5-7pm CT; 3-5pm PT

Join Giuliana Rancic and the rest of the E! crew as they welcome the stars on the red carpet at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards. Viewers will get up close and personal as E!'s red carpet coverage offers a first-look at the evening's fashion parade, as well as celebrity interviews.

Series Premiere: 9/3/13
Airs: Tuesdays, 9-10pm ET/PT; 8-9pm CT on Oxygen 
Season Finale: 10/8/13 (TENTATIVE)
Number of Episodes: 6 (TENTATIVE)

After being discounted, humiliated, and rejected because of their weight, these women are ready to take control of their lives, put their painful pasts behind them, and finally stand up to the people who inflicted the hurt. With an eye for an eye approach, these ex-boyfriends, former classmates and even family members will get a taste of their own medicine as they’re set up to experience what they put their offenders through. For these transformed women, this is their golden opportunity to settle their scores and hopefully get the apologies they deserve.

Gadget Gurus (Men 18-39)

Comedy Central Roast: James Franco 
Season Premiere: 9/2/13
Airs: Monday, 10-11:30pm ET/PT; 9-10:30pm CT on Comedy Central 

Comedy Central is rolling out the red carpet for the multi-hyphenated and extremely talented James Franco. The network announced today that Franco will be adding a new moniker to his ever growing list of accomplishments as this year's Roastee.

Season Premiere: 9/3/13
Airs: Tuesdays, 10-10:30pm ET/PT; 9-9:30pm CT on Comedy Central 

The weekly, topical series delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious. Each episode includes Tosh giving subjects of notorious viral videos a second chance to redeem themselves from the embarrassment with which they have become synonymous with their very own "Web Redemption.“

Season Premiere: 9/10/13, Tuesday, 10-11:30pm ET/PT; 9-10:30pm CT on FX 
Regular Time Period: Tuesdays, 10-11pm ET/PT; 9-10pm CT on FX 
Season Finale: 12/3/13
Number of Episodes: 13

"Sons of Anarchy" is an adrenalized drama that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club's (MC) desire to protect its livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of Charming, California remains exactly that, Charming. The MC must confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers, and overzealous law officers. Behind the MC's familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegally thriving arms business. The seduction of money, power, and blood.

Season Premiere: 9/25/13
Airs: Wednesdays, 10-10:30pm ET/PT; 9-9:30pm CT on Comedy Central 
Season Finale: 11/27/13
Number of Episodes: 10

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have reached a new deal with Comedy Central to extend cable's longest-running animated series, "South Park." The deal for three additional seasons ensures the top-rated Emmy(R) and Peabody Award-winning series will remain in original episodes through 2016 and a milestone 20th season.

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