• What is a DMA?

    Acronym for Designated Market Area. DMAs are a way of designating particular geographic markets, and are often ranked by size of population. New York City is the nation's largest DMA so its DMA ranking is 1.

    What is a Zone?

    A Zone is a local area or subset of a DMA.

    What is a Coverage Area?

    It is the geographic territory in which a cable system distributes commercials.

    Can I place commercials on television networks that will just reach my immediate area?

    Yes, ads can be placed on networks covering an entire DMA or locally in a Zone. To find out which DMAs and Zones Time Warner Cable Media covers, please browse our Market Coverage section of the site.

    Which networks can I put my commercial on?

    Each DMA and Zone is different, and each one may not insert ads on every ad-supported television network. To find out which networks are available in a particular DMA or Zone, please browse our Market Coverage section of the site.

    How do I find my sales office?

    Visit our Contact Us section of the site.